Things I've learned about being a parent, that my parents actually told me when I was a kid...

There's nothing so annoying as the smug look on someone's face when they get to say "I told you so!". Especially when it's coming from your parents. While I didn't have the "ideal" childhood, it was far from bad. I'm actually thankful for the way I was raised, because it made me very independent and aware of how the world actually is. (Seriously, thank you Mom, Dale, Dad and Jeri)

As a kid, you tend to think to yourself, "I'm never going to raise my kids like this!" or "I'm going to be friends with my kids, because I'll understand them, and not just treat them like immature little shits." We've all felt this way, that we can do better than our parents, who just weren't cool enough to understand us. But, as I enter the serious side of my adulthood, I find myself more and more tending to act just like them. And I also understand why. Children are endearing, annoying, sweet, needy, whiny and thoughtful bundles of pure, sugared energy. And in everything involving the child in my life (who we will refer to as Monkey from now on), I think back to how my parents acted, how they handled similar situations, and I'm struck by the horror of it... They were right. I do understand now that I have a child around. Even as I apologize to them for all the hell I now know I put them through, I imagine the smug expression behind their eyes... Damnit!

And now to the point of this blog. I'm going to attempt to chronicle everything I experience/learn from being a parent. I do this for several reasons; One, being able to get feed back from other parents, secondly, to share those special moments of life with a child, and most importantly, to have a god damn record of all the crap that (Monkey), and whatever fuck trophies that happen to spawn from my loins, have put me (us) through. That way, when they're old enough to be at this stage in life*, I'll print this out and hand it to them, laughing my senile old head off, and walk away.

* This is assuming that humanity has survived the coming zombie apocalypse. Face it, most of you won't, and I'm glad for that.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bribery, my new best friend...

Have you ever heard of the phrase, "You can't buy love."? I call bullshit on that.  Kids love to get new toys, and to that affect, I've discovered the the almighty power of bribery.  The thing is, I can remember specific points in my life where my parents bought me toys, for no apparent reason. I remember when Dale stopped off at Toys'r'us, made us wait in the car, and came back out with a Sylvester the Cat hand puppet for me. Thinking about it now, I'm like "What the hell kinda toy is that?" But I remember being ecstatic about getting it from him, and feeling loved.  I remember when they bought me the Thundercats playset, with the sword and the claw glove and everything.  The point is, I remember that shit. I'm thirty years old, and I still remember.  It makes a difference.

When I first got back, I was staying with Krista and Monkey at their apartment, which was a one bedroom.  So we all slept in the same room.  After we moved into the place we had now, Monkey got her own room.  Now, this isn't the first time she's had her own room, but it had been awhile since she slept by herself.  For the first few nights, she would not stay in her goddamn room.  She would keep coming into ours, trying to sneak into bed with us.  While endearing, it got to be really annoying to be woken up repeatedly throughout the night. Drastic measures were needed.  I suggested benadryl and/or strapping her to the bed, but Krista had something much more devious in mind.


I was skeptical, even knowing the power of a promised new toy, but she's had more practice at this than me, so I went with it.  We were planning on going to Disneyland for the first time in Monkey's life, so Krista made her this deal:

If Monkey slept in her own bed, all night long, for a week, she could pick out any toy she wanted from Disneyland.

First, those of you who haven't made it to Disneyland, let me say this;  The shit there is fucking expensive. And by expensive, I mean a $6 hot chocolate, a $4 bag of popcorn, and an $80 toy.  Plus, we were spending three days at the park.  I didn't really mind, I had the money to spend, and it was totally (exhausting) worth it.

Back to the point at hand.  After the deal was made, I had an uninterrupted week of sleep before going to Disneyland.  I was astounded.  It fucking worked! Hello Bribery! And for the most part, she has no problems sleeping by herself now.

Now, we're in a little regression on Monkey's progress in not peeing the bed.  So, she and I struck a deal.  I had purchased a Disney Princess game for my DS, so she'd have something to do on long car trips.  That kids loves her some video games.  So, the new deal is, no bed wetting for a week (with or without the night time pampers), and she'll get a new game. If this works (again), I'll have a whole new outlook on the virtue of bribery.

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